We began in 1994 as an informal collectors club that would meet monthly as the local swap meets around the Boston area. Our intent was to sell, swap & trade records and get to know like minded folks that were into the culture of collecting records.

1915_Th_swap-meet-car-partsEach and every meet we would pick up a new friend or two and over the years we have grown in size to several hundred “members” While we do not have a formal membership per say with dues and all that we do keep a list of our people more as a way to keep in touch with them. Initially we spread the word by fax machine and telephone calls, now we simply email our entire lists when we have a meeting scheduled.

We have also expanded our interests to not only include records but most images4collectibles such as photos, action figures and automobiles. Its not that we were limited to only records but our initial founders started with records and as more folks joined us and met with us they brought along other collectibles and knowledge of them as well.

We are historians at heart and we love the stories and tales behind each and every item as well as the thrill of the hunt in finding these pieces and add to our collection. The average person will never understand this desire as it is not a common one. But we love it and we find it more exciting than anything else.

images3We hope to continue for more years to come and encourage you to join, spread the word and come by if for nothing else to get a little lesson in history.