Welcome to the home of New England Record Collectors Club. We are a group of passionate folks that love collecting. We originally started out only collecting records but have since moved on to collecting photos and memorabilia.

recordsWhile our members are from all over the world we have quarterly meets that center around the northeast such as New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. We rotate across the different areas as we try not to burden our hosts too much :) Many of our members volunteer their venues in support of our meetings so that we can share, trade, learn and help to preserve the culture and concepts of collecting in all forms.

Many of our record collectors are former disc jockeys that have huge collections, imagesothers are collectors because they love the music, and others are collecting for the fun of collecting.

Check back often as our next meet will be posted soon. We expect to meet in the New York area as that has been the most convenient as we have grown with more folks from around the world. NYC seems to be the best location as many people travel to and from the city on a regular basis.


We expect to use our facebook page and twitter page to send updates in real time. As you can imagine most of us collector folks are not the most tech savvy so please bear with us. We also have a meetup groups with chapters in the north east which includes New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and we expect to open more in the areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In the meantime stay posted and be sure to add yourself to our mailing list.

If you are looking to start a collection for yourself and don’t know where to start we suggest you join a record of the month club. To find out more info about record of the month clubs check out an article written by my friend over at Broward Palm Beach called Five best record of the month clubs. I highly recommend it as a good starting point in your quest to collect records.